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I have always liked doodling, painting, drawing, stretching a canvas, squishing and pushing clay around but I didn't think I would be able to do it on a regular basis again and was afraid it would become more of a chore than an adventure but so far, that's not the case.


Having an active imagination since a very young age, it has always made sense to me that any artwork I develop should be composed of these vivid thoughts. What used to take form in crayons and pencil, evolved into pen and ink drawings, ceramics and has further morphed into the computer graphics I create these days.  

I have become increasingly interested in the stories we both are told and tell. How we can easily follow rabbit trails online and when daydreaming. So many have created worlds in which to escape and inhabit and I want to create world that are the escape, the adventure and just something for others to enjoy.

I strive to help others create artwork that allows imagination to take over so we can leave what is ordinary and go outside of ourselves to visit new wonderful places and meet fantastic characters. This is why I paint, sculpt and teach.

At the end of the day I want to sit back and lace my fingers behind my neck and connect with others as we escape into what was once trapped in our heads. The long journey from blank slate to finished piece is now finished and we get to enjoy a glimpse of what is going on inside our minds' eyes. To have your own viewfinder into this world, I invite you to explore my artwork throughout this website, connect with me on Social Media and register for a class or two.


-Brett “TNArtist” Tadlock

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